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Social entrepreneurship in its noblest form with elements of adventure

Join a breathtaking journey of cultural clashes, courage, joy and adventure in Danas Journey to the Mission “Transforming Uganda into one of Africa’s Cleanest Countries

Based on a coincidence, Dana captured an idea and event that developed into a unique project in social sustainability. The project is aimed at children and young people in Kampala / Uganda, where the school is an important platform for spreading knowledge and sustainable infrastructure over time.

With small resources and tireless work, Dana has created a unique program that thousands of children in Kampala have undergone. Health, cleanliness are in focus and the goal is for these children to acquire knowledge at an early age and involve the whole family to create a higher quality of life.

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Dana is generous in her personality and wants to spread the message “Don’t think just do it” and inspire others to challenge and develop their entrepreneurial dreams. In the book “My Visionary Journey from Sweden to Uganda” “Dont think just do it” Dana talks about her strategies and principles around being a social entrepreneur. Dana highlights concrete examples and lessons learned such as the importance of reloading at the right time to be able to move forward in your entrepreneurship / dreams / ideas.

Now you have the opportunity to take part in Dana’s unique journey as a Social Entrepreneur on a personal level through lectures and inspiring seminars, workshops.

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  • YOUR ADVENTURE IS WAITING Don’t Overthink – Just do it – ACT. A personal adventure will be conveyed and the steps how and what I did to reach your I am today. Maybe you will take new steps after this moment!
  • Developing A New Africa- DANA. The story of how this project started and what we do.
  • QIGONG – Lecture with Try-on and courses are arranged. Chinese medicine that I myself have used for 20 years!

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