With over 10 year’s of experience in Social Entrepreneurship Dana works as an advisor and consultant for companies and organizations who want to have an impact & create positive change in the world.

Learn from the woman who has:

  • Founded the impactful NGO “Developing A New Africa”
  • Who knows the culture of Africa, Uganda
  • Has changed the lives for 25 000 children.
  • Installed water tanks & educated in health & empowerment in a way that actually works
  • Has built a loyal team & an office in Africa
  • Inspired thousands and thousands of people to believe that change is possible


A few times a year, Dana also accepts consulting assignments to help company’s and organizations who want help in their work with social entrepreneurship & CSR.

This suits companies or organizations who want help with for example:

  • Starting an association or organization
  • Run a successful project
  • Get help to understand the culture and market in Uganda and Africa
  • Need hands on help implementing a project or idea that’ll have a positive impact for people and our World.
  • etc

Do you need help from an experienced consultant?
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Note! Dana and her team are carefully selecting a few companies or organizations each year to work with & support. Welcome with your meeting request and application.