Don’t think
Just do it.


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Don’t think – Just do it!
Keys to success & how to make a difference in your life & others.

Dana’s inspiring and genuine personality awakens strength and courage in people. She is known for having the ability to engage and motivate your audience.

Through her lectures & work she has Inspired tens of thousands of people to see that change really is possible!

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Dana is the founder of Developing A New Africa (DANA) a successful health & environment program for schools in Uganda.

Mission: DANA’s goal is to change society in order to reach an improved standard of living through health initiatives.
Quote “Let us support the young generation for a better tomorrow”

Ready to make a difference? Become a monthly donor or sponsors.
Be part of the movement that has already changed the lives for 25 000 children



With over 10 year’s of experience in Social Entrepreneurship Dana works as an advisor and consultant for companies and impacful organizations
who want to have an impact & create positive change.

Learn from the woman who has:

· Founded the impactful organization
“Developing A New Africa”
· Who knows the culture of Africa, Uganda
· Has changed the lives for 25 000 children.


With passion and experience Dana takes the audience on a life journey that provides inspiration and new thoughts about courage and path choices.

Ante Jankovic
Section manager
Region Jönköping län

With a inspiring life story and a commitment where action arouses emotions , you leave Dana Simovic’s lecture touched in many ways and with a willingness to take responsibility and change.

Gabriel Karleving
Husman & Hagberg

Dana - My Visionary Journey from Sweden to Uganda

Dana is described in one word BOLD without any resouces and only one big VISION , she created something of nothing for the children in Kampala.

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