A passion for life was aroused in me



The idea for the Africa project was born on a country bus in Uganda, when I saw a fellow traveler throw out his empty plastic water bottle through the bus window straight into nature. I grew up with “Keep Sweden clean” and I started thinking about how I can contribute to creating


Welcome to a personal speaker where I want to take you on an inner and outer journey. My own journey began in earnest when I discovered a continent so different from the one I grew up on. It was so enriching, on every level. THE DISCOVERY began in Africa.


I wish everyone saw the importance of creating balance and good health in their lives. 1997 was my own life in imbalance with family, three children, house and work. I started looking for methods that I could have in my everyday life. The Chinese health gymnastics QiGong…

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My visionary journey from Sweden to Uganda

My Visionary Journey from Sweden to Uganda. Dana is described in one word: BOLD. Without any resources and only a BIG VISION for Uganda, she created something great of nothing for the city of Kampala. Danas unique visionary journey started on a country bus in Uganda when a fellow traveler threw an empty water bottle through the window.

In her book Dana “My visionary journey from Sweden to Uganda – Don`t Think, Just do it!” She shares the purpose of storytelling as an opportunity for human contact. She includes her own successful principles for first-time entrepreneurs and others interested in entrepreneurship. Developing A New Africa (DANA) is a child and youth led organization that promotes health and environmental education in Kampala’s schools. DANA`s goal is to change society in order to reach an improved standard of living through health initiatives.