I’m Dana Simovic

Social Entrepreneur – Speaker – Advisor

Hi and thank you for being here!

Born in Croatia and as a five year old I came to Sweden. Growing up in a large family of 6 siblings has meant a lot and taught me a lot about people such as patience, respect, humility, cooperation and listening. It was probably the start for me when it comes to being helpful and caring.

My upbringing has been in Sweden but also a turn to the USA / Hollywood where I tried my wings as a photo model. After that I formed a family myself, husband and three children were my existence for many years when I worked in the restaurant industry. At the same time, I educated myself to a QiGong instructor in Chinese medicine, which became an important tool for keeping balance in life with all that it entails.

Life takes different paths and somewhere in the middle of life I added another country that came to mean a lot to me namely Uganda, the country that gave me the start to work as a social entrepreneur. This was the beginning of a development journey and journey of discovery in the middle of life.

I captured the moment / event that crossed my path, this became the beginning of my “Life Project”.

Now I was on my way on an adventure that a plan was not embedded in, but the journey became what I made it to. The tools listen to the heart / inner voice, trust and a lot of patience. It does not have to be more difficult than that, but so difficult at least I get to hear from my fellow human beings.

Founder and project manager for the health & school program Pearl of Africa Environment (PAE) and Developing A New Africa (DANA) have involved a large number of trips to Uganda since 2010.

I have a sincere commitment to people and like to move freely between social classes and sectors. I like to use my ability and as a social entrepreneur / problem solver and take every opportunity to develop and build bridges between people as well as countries and to develop socially beneficial functions.

My curiosity and discovery for the country and what I myself have achieved I want to convey to other people, partly to inspire and partly to inform in a way.

This resulted in a desire to start as a lecturer to reach out with my message and to have the opportunity to tell my story that I hope will give you something to carry on your life journey. One day you may be standing by a road bark and “To dare to jump out” now applies.

I do not compromise with my will, it is important for me not to resist what I want. 

My previous professional roles such as photo model, in the restaurant world, sales , Qi Gong instructor and project developer have shaped and shaped me as a person. The common denominator has always been to work and work with or for other people.

One of my strengths is my “curiosity” which often results in other possibilities and this page is proof of that!

As a person, people describe me as “driven, positive, fearless and genuine.

Life has enriched me with lots, including titel me as “mother and grandmother”. My motto I hope to pass on is.

Use Life. Don’t let it wait. To not dare is not to know.

Looking forward to being seen or heard.

Take care!

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