I wish everyone saw the importance of creating balance and good health in their lives

1997 was my own life in imbalance with family, three children, house and work. I started looking for methods that I could have in my everyday life. The Chinese health gymnastics QiGong came into my life when I took a weekend course in October that year. I received both theory teaching and practical training and incorporated this method into my everyday life and the balance began to appear in my life. During the course, we learned that in China you have doctors who teach you to stay healthy. I also wanted to work with that and I went to a 3-year training as a QiGong instructor. Even today, I give myself a quiet moment with QiGong every morning.

I also have another tool to stay healthy, a fuel called Aloe Vera, which I drink every day. Aloe Vera is an exciting vegetable that has been used around the world for thousands of years. An old, well-proven method, just like QiGong.

Welcome to hear more about my methods of finding balance!

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