18 January, 2017


I wish everyone saw the importance of creating balance and good health in their lives.

In 1997 my own life was in an unbalanced state with family, three children, a house and work. I started searching for methods to use in my own everyday life. The Chinese exercise method QiGong came into my life that same year. I received both theoretical education and practical training and took this method into my everyday life, and balance started to emerge in my life. During my training I was told that in China people have a doctor that teach them how to keep healthy. I also wanted to work with that, and so I took a 3-year education to become a QiGong instructor. Even today I gift myself with a moment of peaceful QiGong in the morning.

I also have another tool to keep myself at good health; a fuel called Aloe Vera, which I drink every day. Aloe Vera is a very interesting vegetable that has been used around the globe for millenia. An old, well tested method, just like QiGong!

Welcome to hear more about my methods of finding balance!