I’m Dana Simovic

Social Entrepreneur – Lecturer – Qigong Instructor

Just do it, do not think; Time to act, and think again! Yes, what can start our longing?

This year, there is full activity to further develop the Africa project, Developing A New Africa -DANA, and to be involved in the production of the second song in Uganda. Newly discovered qualities in life as an Innovator and Entrepreneur became the beginning of DANA and all my travels to Uganda. Hence the longing to come out and lecture.

Born in Croatia, raised in Sweden. In the middle of my life, it was Africa and the country of Uganda that gave me a life condition! What do you want?

Photo model, restaurant industry, sales and Qi Gong instructor are the baggage of my life. With the curiosity feature, other possibilities are created, including this page!

Mom and Grandma, life has enriched me with that too. I like to move, smile and live!

Are you looking for a lecturer?

Just send me a message!