28 December, 2016

Developing A New Africa – DANA

The idea for the Africa project was born on a countryside bus in Uganda, when I saw how a fellow traveller threw out their empty water bottle through the bus window, straight into nature. I grew up with the term ”Keep Sweden Clean”, and I started pondering on how I could contribute to creating an awareness of the weight of a clean environment, and how important this is to people’s health and well being.

Children have the right to live a healthy life in a clean environment. They are curious and openminded, and I thought that if we show this generation of children, it will continue on to the next generation as well. Therefor, I founded Developing A New Africa – DANA, which works with health- and environmental activities in several schools in Uganda. We want to contribute to change, to a better tomorrow.

What started as a small seed has today grown to a two-year program, and we work at the locations with children and teachers in schools in vulnerable areas, with methods that make them participate, active and creative. We give the participants both knowledge and tools within clean environment, clean water, agriculture, sanities and hygiene.


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