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Welcome to a personal talk where I want to take you along on an inward and outward journey. My own journey became serious when I discovered a continent so different the one I grew up on. It was so enriching, on all levels. THE DISCOVERY began in Africa.

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I wish everyone saw the importance of creating balance and good health in their lives.

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Developing a new africa

The idea for the Africa project was born on a countryside bus in Uganda, when I saw how a fellow traveller threw out their empty water bottle through the bus window, straight into nature.


"A passion for life awoke inside me"


Just do it, don't think; Time to act, and what if! Indeed, what can trigger out longing?

This year is full of activity concerning the development of the Africa project, Developing A New Africa - DANA, and of being part of the production of the second song in Uganda. Newly discovered experiences in life as an Innovator and Entrepreneur became the start of DANA and all my trips to Uganda. Thereof came the yearning to get out and hold lectures.

Born in Croatia, raised in Sweden. In the midst of life, it was Africa and the country of Uganda that gave me a new life high! What do you want to do?

Photo model, restaurant business, salesmanship and Qi Gong instructor is the baggage in my life. Along with the quality of curiosity, other possibilities are created, including this website!

Mother and grandmother, life has enriched me with this as well. I love to be physically active, smile and live life!

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Take care.


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